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Green Forest

About us

Woodalliance was created in 2021 with a vision to bring something fresh and innovative to our market.

Having woked in the timber sector we were all too familiar with the struggle of finding reliable business partners and navigating between the existing platforms. The repatative data input and the overall passivness of the process. You had to be lucky to be noticed and get selected out of the hundred thousnads on the market.

That gave us the push to think outside the box and bring forward a solution that actually works and can make life easier for everyone. It was clear to us that the market doesn´t need another platform that workes like the rest. We need to adobt the needs of the sector and bring forward a system that works for them not the other way around. We want to eliminate the luck factor from the process.

To get insight and develop our project further we are taking part of a contest held by Prototron

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